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Rioux. S. ) [Reference p. ] AETIOLOGY AND P S Y C H O P A T H O L O G Y OF H Y S T E R I A 33 From all this it is clear that the difference in degree between the case of motor hysteria with spasmodic movements and the hysterical con­ vulsion is a difference in the degree of abrogation of the secondary process. In Case 6 (spasmodic torticollis, p. 19) both displacement and condensation occur to an extent which would be altogether impossible for logical thought. However, there is a 'binding' in the symptom so that the secondary process is b y no means entirely eluded.

Depres­ sion is the aftermath of loss or disappointment in reality or in phantasy. British soldiers suflFering from hysteria frequently showed depression. T h i s was sometimes the result of disappointment with themselves for their inability to withstand the stress to which they had been exposed, especially when the somatic conversion process did not include sufficient self-punishment to satisfy an unconscious sense of guilt, f T h i s source for the depression was disclosed in treatment; otherwise the patient was unaware of its origin.

3. 4. 5. 6. Predominating Clinical Groups:— Psychoneuroses Hysteria Anxiety states Obsessional neurosis Psychoses Mania Depression Schizophrenia Toxic-infective psychosis Paranoid state Mental deficiency Psychopathic personality Miscellaneous, incuding epilepsy, and post-traumatic personality No gross psychiatric disorder Symptoms in the Cases of No. of Cases 44 Headaches Pains and paraesthesiae (stomach, feet, * rheumatic', chest, and back) 43 Enuresis (nocturnal) 17 Paresis (mainly difficulty in walking) 11 Anmesia 10 Fits 7 * Black-outs' 6 161 331 7 2 26 15 i 8 46 42 migraine, change 8 22 Hysteria:— No.

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