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By William Rice Ballou

Excerpt from A Compend of Equine Anatomy and Physiology

The acclaim for this sequence of Compends demonstrates that they provide a long-felt wish. From a substantial adventure as a quiz-master of clinical scholars and a instructor of anatomy, the author has visible the advantages of those, and has endeavored to sup ply for college kids of veterinary anatomy and body structure a piece which might resolution their wishes not just as a text-book, but in addition for paintings within the dissecting-room.

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This hand. xv^ forefoot ox THE SHOULDER. In solipedes this consists of the scapula only, the clavicle being absent. THE SCAPULA. The scapula or shoulder blade is a flat, triangular bone, lying at the anterior and inferior part of the outer thoracic wall, articulatIts general direction is ing below with the head of the humerus. downward and forward. It has two surfaces, extej-nal and internal, three angles, antei'ior EQUINE ANATOMY. 26 or cervical, posterior or dorsal, and ififerior or humeral, and three borders, anterior, posterior, and superior.

Iidal muscles leave the pelvis. An anterior border forms the greater sciatic foramen with the notch, and through it pass the gluteal and sciatic vessels and nerves. A posterior border which embraces the semi-niembranosus muscle. ISCHIO-PUBIC SYMPHYSIS. In young animal is a true amphiarthrosis. In adult life bones are fused together. COXO-FEMORAL OR HIP JOINT. An enarthrodia between the cotyloid cavity and the head of the femur. Ligaments. Capsular, from margins of cotyloid cavity to neck of femur.

20 Articulations, 8. Opposite, palate, pre-maxillary, ethmoid, lachrymal, nasal, inferior turbinated, zygoma. PRE-MAXILLARY OR INTER-MAXILLARY. The pre-maxillaries are two bones lying at the inferior portion of the face and wedged in anterior to the superior maxillaries and nasals. They each show The base shows An An a base and two processes. external smooth or labial face. 'nal face, united with the opposite, and showing the incisive foramen. A posterior or buccalface, forming the roof of the mouth.

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