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This unique and well timed quantity info the effect of Dante's Inferno on Primo Levi's vintage Holocaust narrative, Se questo è uomo, and his final ebook of essays, I sommersi e i salvatie. Such key innovations as reminiscence, justice, and the area of the impartial sinners - «la zona grigia» for Levi - are given specific emphasis. 3 questions shape the spine of the ebook: Can reminiscence be conquer? the place is justice for the Holocaust survivor? and, Is there a center flooring among sufferer and oppressors, and the way does Levi outline it? abundant use of interviews with the writer display how Levi relates those 3 inquiries to such modern figures as Sigmund Freud, Franz Stangl, Rudolf Höss, Jean Améry, Liliana Cavani, and Kurt Waldheim.

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The scriptural basis for the contrapasso was the Mosaic lex talionis, or law of retribution. Enunciated in Exodus 21:22-25 (" ... if any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe"), it is repeated in similar form in Leviticus 24:20. " 42 Dante's use of the lex talionis, or talio in Italian, follows similar reasoning insofar as the contrapasso is meant to be no more and no less than a just penalty for earthly sin or, at least, a "starting point for justice.

Therefore, if we are to compare Dante's Inferno to Levi's works, we must confine ourselves to the strict parallels between the neutral sinners of Canto III and the grey zoners in I sommersi e i salvati. How does the notion of will and constraint play itself out in Canto III? , "better") circles than the 46 The Grey Zone and the Neutral Sinners dispassionate, or "cold-blooded", sinners. But we still have not con- sidered the question of what consequences the lack of volition has on the neutral sinners of Canto III?

They prove the terrible efficacy of the Lager system and suffered Vercor's death of the soul. " Levi first spoke about this subgroup by way of contrast with his friend Alberto. Alberto e il mio migliore amico ... "sa" chi bisogna corrompere, chi bisogna evitare, chi si puo impietosire, a chi si deve resistere. Eppure (e per questa sua virtu oggi ancora la sua memoria mi e cara) non e diventato un tristo. Ho sempre visto, e ancora vedo in lui Ia rara figura dell'uomo forte e mite, contro cui si spuntano le armi della notte?

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