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The case is similar with regard to the introduction of the “dummy player” in order to diminish the complexity of the four-person game. The latter is considered to be essentially like a threeperson game. Falling back upon a fictitious player permits them this time to apprehend all n-person general games as (n+1)-person zero-sum games. But the analogy between these two operations remains imperfect and the introduction of the fictitious player raises additional problems. It cannot be guaranteed, for example, that the compensation of gains and losses for which the fictitious player is fictitiously responsible will have no influence over the course of the game.

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2 This analogy depends on an interpretation of the axiomatization of utility developed by Savage. Indeed, according to Savage, the question is to find a system of axioms compatible with the formulation of utility proposed by D. Bernouilli (Savage 1954: 58–9). The axioms presented in TGEB satisfy this condition. However, even as Peano’s axiomatic is compatible with other mathematical objects than the set of natural numbers, the axiomatic of utility in TGEB is also found to be satisfied by functions of utility other than that offered by Bernouilli.

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