Download e-book for kindle: A Guide to Medical Computing by E. C. Coles and D. W. Hill (Auth.)

By E. C. Coles and D. W. Hill (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0407548009

ISBN-13: 9780407548008

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The reason that this operation cannot be specified in one instruction is that three addresses are required D, Ε and X, each of which requires 10 bits and a word in this machine only contains 24 bits. The detailed operations involved in these two instructions being obeyed by the central processor are as follows. The first instruction would be loaded into the decode register and the first 4 bits decoded to give the instruction 'compare'. The store addressing circuits would then be instructed to load the contents of the location D into the accumula­ tor.

The average time to access a given datum on a movable head disc might vary in the range 2 0 - 2 0 0 milliseconds depending on how far the heads have to be moved. Magnetic disc units in which the heads are movable are often con­ structed in such a way that the stack of discs on one spindle, or 'disc pack' as it is called, can be removed from the unit and replaced with another similar disc pack containing different sets of data. Thus, in the same way that a computer installation may have a Hbrary of magnetic tapes containing different files of informarion, it may have a similar library of exchangeable disc packs.

INPUT DEVICES The most frequently used input peripheral devices in off-line systems are punched card readers and punched paper tape readers. Card readers vary in speed from about 300 to 2,000 cards per minute. Punched paper tape readers vary in speed between 10 and 1,500 characters per second. These devices consist of a very precise mechanism to guide the card or paper tape past the reading head and a photo-electric system of sensing whether or not there are holes in the card or tape. 16 mm thick from the end of a pack of such cards and 31 THE COMPUTER - INPUT AND OUTPUT PERIPHERALS feed it past the reading heads.

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