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By Edsger W. Dijkstra, W. H. J. Feijen, Joke Sterringa

ISBN-10: 0201175363

ISBN-13: 9780201175363

Ebook by way of Dijkstra, Edsger W., Feijen, W. H. J., Sterringa, shaggy dog story

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4. Generating a Pseudorandom Sequence goal. It is noticed that the AES secret key is generated by means of the hash value corresponding to the pass-phrase given by the user. Another typical application of Hash functions is in the domain of pseudorandom sequences as shown in Fig. 4. Nevertheless, the main application of hash function is as a key building block for generating digital signatures as it is explained in the next Section. 4 Public Key Cryptography A breakthrough in Cryptography occurred in 1976 with the invention of public key cryptography by Diffie and Hellman^ [68].

5. The problem of finding x given the domain parameters {p,q^g) and the public key y is known as the discrete logarithm problem. 6). First, A must select a random number k G [1,^ — 1], which must be secret and should be destroyed after the DSA has been generated. Then, A must compute T = g^ mod p, and r — T mod q. 4 DSA Domain Parameter Generation Require: Security parameters I and t. Ensure: Domain parameters {p,q,g). 1: Select a prime number q of t bits and another prime number p of / bits such that q\ip- 1).

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