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Blending common effects and complicated tools, Algebraic method of Differential Equations goals to accustom differential equation experts to algebraic equipment during this niche. It offers fabric from a college geared up through The Abdus Salam foreign Centre for Theoretical Physics (Ictp), the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the overseas Centre for natural and utilized arithmetic (Cimpa).

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E ord P = n means that P ∈ F n D but P ∈ / F n−1 D. For P = 0 we write ord 0 = −∞. 1. Prove the following recursive description of the F n D: F 0 D = {P ∈ EndC (O) | [P, a] = P a − aP = 0, ∀a ∈ O}, F n+1 D = {P ∈ EndC (O) | [P, a] ∈ F n D, ∀a ∈ O}. 2. (see the notes3 ) Prove that: (1) D is a non-commutative sub-C-algebra of EndC (O). ) 25 (3) The vector space ⊕n≥0 F n D/F n−1 D has a natural structure of ring (in fact a C-algebra), that we will call the associated graded ring of the filtered ring (D, F ) and will be denoted by grF D.

Pir ), i = 1, . . , m, and we have as above an isomorphism (for the solutions of the associated homogeneous system) ker(P : S r → S m ) HomD (Dr /I, S), where P is the matrix of linear differential operators (Pij ). But if we are interested in the non-homogeneous system (9), it is not reasonable to try to solve it for any choice of g1 , . . , gm , since the existence of a solution would imply that any time we have a syzygy Q1 P 1 + · · · + Qm P m = 0, with Qi ∈ D, then Q1 g1 + · · · + Qm gm = 0.

D) The map HomD (M, N /O) → HomD (M, A/O) induced by the inclusion N /O ⊂ A/O is an isomorphism. 1. 2. The irregularity irr is an additive function on exact sequences of holonomic D-modules. 1. Given a short exact sequence of holonomic D-modules 0 → M → M → M → 0, M is regular if and only if M and M are regular. In particular the category of holonomic D-modules is abelian. Let us denote by RegHol(D) the (abelian) category of regular holonomic (left) D-modules. 2. The above results are the precursors of the irregularity complexes along a hypersurface and the notion of regular holonomic module in higher dimension (see the papers20,21 ).

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