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By Giuliano Imperatore, a cura di Jacques Fontaine, Carlo Prato e Arnaldo Marcone

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L. a. realtà cui aspira il realismo in letteratura non ha nulla di verosimile. Solo dando al lettore qualcosa in piú o in meno di quel che si aspetta, l’autore può infondergli quel senso di incertezza che los angeles realtà produce. Perché l. a. realtà non si dispiega ragionevolmente davanti a noi, ma ci coglie di sorpresa, a tradimento.

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18 This definition comes much closer to capturing the significance of the Italian landscape. 19 I certainly do not mean to summarize in these two short quotations the whole debate on the concept of “rural landscape”, but only to signal a certain inadequacy of the legislative and, in part, scientific landscape-managing instruments developed in Italy, which tend to overemphasize a naturalistic approach vs. a historical one, both in the domain of cultural heritage and in that of environmental conservation.

This result partially depends on 1 Italian Historical Rural Landscapes: Dynamics, Data Analysis and Research Findings 29 the higher degree of complexity of the historical agricultural landscape. However, it also reflects the difficulty of finding woodland areas still retaining their historical characteristics, due to the dropping of wood management in the last century and the gradual loss of their integration with the agricultural and pastoral activities that once helped to diversify them. As to pastures, they are fewer in number due both to their significant decline and to their lower variety compared to agricultural and forest landscapes.

Nastri A. (2002): Il sistema delle colture erbacee nel XX secolo: aspetti agronomici dell’evoluzione e prospettive, in: L’agricoltura verso il terzo millennio, Accademia Nazionale di Agricoltura, Bologna. 237–286. R. (1986): Terres de Castanide, Fayard, Paris. 42 M. Agnoletti Fig. 20 The distribution of mixed cultivations in Italy in the 1960s (Sereni 1961). In this traditional cultivation system different tree species are combined with other crops. The dark areas are the more densely treed. They are a good example of biocultural diversity and have a great potential in terms of biomass.

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«Alla Madre degli déi» e altri discorsi by Giuliano Imperatore, a cura di Jacques Fontaine, Carlo Prato e Arnaldo Marcone

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