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This publication was once initially released sooner than 1923, and represents a replica of a big old paintings, protecting an analogous layout because the unique paintings. whereas a few publishers have opted to practice OCR (optical personality reputation) know-how to the method, we think this ends up in sub-optimal effects (frequent typographical error, unusual characters and complicated formatting) and doesn't accurately shield the old personality of the unique artifact. We think this paintings is culturally very important in its unique archival shape. whereas we attempt to safely fresh and digitally increase the unique paintings, there are sometimes cases the place imperfections reminiscent of blurred or lacking pages, terrible photographs or errant marks can have been brought as a result of both the standard of the unique paintings or the scanning method itself. regardless of those occasional imperfections, now we have introduced it again into print as a part of our ongoing worldwide publication upkeep dedication, offering shoppers with entry to the absolute best old reprints. We delight in your knowing of those occasional imperfections, and basically wish you take pleasure in seeing the ebook in a structure as shut as attainable to that meant through the unique writer.

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E. measured round in the positive It will direction from § 57. With OX. this understanding, it will be found on examination that whatever be the position of the line the proofs in Arts. 54 and 55 are perfectly general, and that in all cases the equation is x The cos OC + y sin OC = p. generality of the proof in Art. 55 depends on this, that whatever be the Geometry Analytical 38 magnitude of sin OC OC, OA and cos OC have have always the same L58- OB and If in fig' the Eu- always the same sign, and also sign.

Ans. Ex. is > 3j* in the figure. Plot 4. A C \ TT the point (—3, if). in the figure. 5. Plot (3, 2 mr+ —J , where n is any integer. Ans. B in the figure. § 39- To transform from rectangular vice versa. ] §40. To express ^3 two points in terms of the distance between their polar co-ordinates. P (»\0i) Q (noi) Let the points be PQ = OP + OQ - 2 OP. -. 2 x xx rx cos 6 X P = y2 = ) PQ2 = (Xl = (rt - x2 ) 2 + Yl - y2 )2 cos Bt — r2 cos 2 ) 2 + = r^ (cos2 X + sin 2 X) + (rx sin X r2 2 (cos2 — r*! r2 cos r2 sin + r2 2 - 2 rx r2 cos (0 X - r2 sin + 2 2 = yx ) and of Q, 2 ) 2 ) (x2 y2 ).

Then — xx = y2 - yi = x2 Yi rx cos X x3 \ ri sin 0i J y3 x. — - xx yi = = r2 cos 2 r2 sin 2 = (x2 - xx) (y3 - y x ) - (x3 - xO (y2 - y = rx cos X r2 sin 2 — r2 cos 2 rx sin X = - rjrasinC^ - 2 ). Thus . §40, This clockwise = OPQ = \ OP. OQ sin POQ = \r in the order in a2 . x) is Co-ordinates <4-] § 4-2. The expression at the beginning of the last area OPQ = %rx r2 OPQ = |(rj sin Q area gives 25 = K x2 x r2 cos . yi-x 1 — sin (Q x 2 §, 2) r2 cos is positive if the order of (o, o), (x1 S 4-3. To Fig.

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